Lauren talks to Randi Zuckerberg on her SiriusXM show about top 3 trends to watch for the rest of 2019

Trend Research

special joint-research on tech trends with findings to be released during 1st Quarter 2018

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UN Report

Commissioned by United Nations High Commissioner On Refugees to research and create findings on how popular culture trends and conversations begin and become entrenched. Goal of document is to be used to make the refugee conversation more contemporary and relevant so that the situation is alleviated.

American Marketing Association - Report/White Paper

Commissioned to research and write entire report with white paper companion for the American Marketing Association, Washington DC chapter to support and educate its members.

Trend predictions

In 2013 Lauren is asked to speak at one of the first Social Media conferences in Washington, DC at a special event hosted by DC Web Women. She speaks about social "hijacks" and "fake representation" as a major trend to watch. In 2019, the concept of "deep fakes" takes hold even touching the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.
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Lauren writes about Universal Basic Income becoming a larger talking point in the U.S. narrative based on her research piece for Forbes in March.
Also touches on this trend as part of her directives to track all things regarding cashless payments while being interviewed on Randi Zuckerberg's XM Sirius Radio show in April. Just months after, goes right to the top with U.S. 2020 president candidate Andrew Yang making UBI part of the center of his platform and turning the volume up on it boldly during his CNN debate appearance in July, 2019.

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