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America's Most Wanted: The Millennial: How to Quad Decode and Trend Forecast

America's Most Wanted: The Millennial - How To Quad Decode and Trend Forecast is an unprecedented look at millennials through the creation and analysis of 4 specific groups. Providing insight and forecast whether the reader is at the conference room table or the kitchen table, author and digi-cultural trend analyst Lauren deLisa Coleman deciphers behavior patterns, busts myths, and delivers a completely new understanding on this 80+ million generation that has everyone clamoring. Via a technique she has created entitled cultural parsing, Coleman offers a fresh and organic understanding of the millennial that has been missing in the market. The book also provides true context for areas of disruption via a dynamic look at the millennial through specific popular culture hot buttons of celebrity, politics, race, and technology. America's Most Wanted is a completely new and hip look at the most fascinating demographic of our time.

Here's Why Everyone At Your Office Is Still Talking About Childish Gambino's 'This Is America'

People just can't seem to stop talking about the latest music video burning up YouTube entitled This Is America.  In case you've been under a rock, this is the latest creative endeavor by actor Donald Glover who also goes by the stage name Childish Gambino. What started out as a low hum about a new, clever release this past Sunday night has exploded into full-on domination thanks to social media sharing and texting via mobile phones.

Inside The Powerful Intersection Of Hip Hop And Cryptopcurrency

By now, it’s a well known logistical fact that technology has helped hip-hop continue its reign of power in America (and around the world). This is apparent via many different statistics such as the fact that the genre can now even be credited with streaming revenue representative of nearly half of industry revenue.

3 New Millennial Trends To Watch In 2018

Millennials can't seem to get a break. They are said to be either too lazy or too disruptive.  They are either all flocking to the suburbs, oh wait, no, to the city or some other various homogenization.  This 80+ million demographic is a mystery to most in business precisely because the vast majority of people believe that Millennials act as a monolith, and nothing could be farther from the truth.